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Exercising Your Right to Vote

Every year, it is the duty of the citizens to make decisions on laws, taxes, and the officials that will make or enforce them. Before you can vote, you have to make sure you are registered to do so.

Voter Registration

Before you are able to vote, you must be registered. For your convenience, Montgomery County offers multiple methods for you to register to vote. As a reminder, you must be registered to vote thirty days before the day of the election.



To ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to cast their ballot, the state of Ohio offers multiple ways to vote. If you cannot make it to your polling place on election day, there are other options.

  • Absentee
  • Early Voting
  • Election Day
  • Uniformed and Overseas Citizens

Identification Requirements

Identification must be presented to vote. Ohio law requires that every voter, upon appearing at the polling place to vote on Election Day, must announce his or her full name and current address and provide proof of identity.


Need Help With Something Else?

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The Board of Elections is here to help. Whether you are a citizen or a candidate, we provide the information you need to participate in Ohio elections.